I have been using Front Travel Limo for several years now and never had the slightest issue. All the drivers are always on time and very professional.

Lawrence and his team are very flexible and always accommodate last minute changes that frequently occur with my business travel plans. For example, I don’t have to think twice about getting on earlier or later flights or even arriving at a different airport in the bay area.

I have now even started utilizing their services from my personal travel. This service is actually cheaper than regular city cabs (I am in the south bay and typically travel out of SFO).

I love the attention to detail and little complimentary treats like the magazines in the back, the laptop surface to work on and the bottle of water which after a long flight is a lifesaver!

Yianni G.

Since 2005, my partner and I have confidently and happily relied on Lawrence and his team for airport travel.

My partner is a stickler for on-time arrival, and I get anxious when I am on solo business travel during late hours. Both of us are always reassured by the honest, safe, and on-time service from Lawrence’s Front Travel Limo.

We are also gratified by the reciprocity: “we are provided great service”, this from the true service statement from the website and we offer customer loyalty to a small family business.

Nadinne C.
Palo Alto

I have used Front Travel Limo for about over six years for my business travel. I live in Fremont and fly out of SFO and San Jose airports. My experience with Lawrence and his team has always been excellent.

Front Travel is always on time. Being a frequent traveler, I try to get on earlier planes whenever possible for return trips and Lawrence has always accommodated my last minute travel schedule changes. Each one of his chauffeurs is professional and friendly. They all drive safe since I return home late in the night most of the times, that is a big deal for me.

I have used their service for personal travel also. I would have no hesitation referring them to anyone.

Guruprasad P.
Fremont, CA